Miss Weber County

alix sash
Alix Dritlein 9087

Current Title Holder: Alix Dritlein, 2016

Platform: Cultivate Kindness

Talent: Jazz/Bollywood Dance

Pageant Date: 09/24/2016

Directors Name: Pat Poce

Directors Email: mwcpageant@gmail.com

Directors Phone:

What motivates me is knowing that simple acts of kindness and a helping hand can make a difference.  I have had the opportunity of joining twenty amazing women throughout Weber County and became a member of Altrusa International.  Altrusa is a non-profit organization and one of our main goals is to make communities better through leadership, partnership and service.  Because of this, I have been inspired to immerse myself into the community and lead by example to cultivate kindness.  Doing sensible acts for others without needing anything in return is rewarding in so many ways.

During my year as Miss Weber County I will be focused on the well being of others and continuously thinking of new ways to volunteer my time.  I have recently contacted the Roy High School Key Club advisor.  The Key Club is a group that performs acts of service in their communities.  I will be speaking to the club about the importance of volunteerism and will be joining them throughout the year, helping with their service projects as well as implementing new ways for them to volunteer.  I will strive to get the rest of the community involved as well, by promoting and documenting my volunteer hours through social media and a personal Miss Weber County blog, titled Cultivate Kindness.

Another way I will be promoting my platform is by visiting with the youth in our community.  I will be speaking to classrooms, to help raise the value of integrity.  By means of educating the youth that success will come and go, but integrity is forever.  To me, integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.  It is important to help the youth realize that people attention to those you have chosen to associate yourself with.  By following friends and accepting their bad behaviors and dishonesty, some find themselves developing bad patterns and adapting to their peer’s bad behaviors.  Getting them involved in community service introduces them to people with strong moral principles, and promotes personal growth and self-esteem.  My ambition as Miss Weber County is to persuade others that if you want to build a reputation as a person of integrity, then surround yourself with people of integrity.

I have the opportunity this year to be a co-chair for two service projects.  One, being “Make a Difference Day,” where the goal is to raise at least 1000 children’s books for donation to the Division of Child and Family Services.  These books are given to abused and neglected children between the ages of 0-5.  The other project I will be focusing on is for the Children’s Justice Center.  They promote a safe and risk free environment for children who have been exposed to physical or sexual abuse.  I will be gathering donated items throughout the community for their annual fundraising event.

I have been able to show other’s the large impact that I can make with even the smallest of contributions.  One service project I have already done in respect of my platform is called the “Book of My Own” project.  It has been a 26-yeard tradition with my club, Altrusa International.  As Miss Weber County, I will make a difference and be a positive role model throughout our community by surrounding myself with people of integrity.  My goal is to make life-long impressions and cultivate kindness.