Miss Kaysville-Fruit Heights


Current Title Holder: Rachel Rose

Platform: Seat Belt Safety and Awareness

Talent: Classical Violin

Pageant Date: 08/06/2016

Directors Name: Anna Auger

Directors Email: annamausami@gmail.com

Directors Phone: 801.660.8460

Rachel, graduated with her Associates Degree from Utah State University Eastern with High Honors and is currently pursuing her Bachelors Degree at Utah State. She is studying Elementary Education with an emphasis in Fine Arts. Last summer Rachel had the amazing opportunity to travel to Europe on a study abroad trip, where she visited 5 countries to study architecture and interior design. She loved every second of it, but her favorite part was seeing Beyoncé and Jay-Z at Michelangelo’s The David.

Rachel has been a cheerleader for the past 7 years and loves to watch and play any kind of sport. She enjoys playing her violin which she has been pursing since she was 6 years old. Rachel also loves, traveling, painting, tanning, hanging out with her parents, and playing with her nephew Brody.

Rachel has loved serving her community as Miss Kaysville/Fruit Heights and has worked hard to promote her platform, Seat Belt Safety and Awareness. She is passionate and dedicated to share her knowledge about the importance of buckling up to help save lives throughout the entire state of Utah!