Miss American Fork


Current Title Holder: Mimi Peyregne

Platform: Act FAST: Stroke Prevention and Awareness

Talent: Vocal

Pageant Date: 06/30/2017

Directors Name: Jenny Thacker

Directors Email: ryanjenny36@msn.com

Directors Phone: 801.787.7824

Mimi Peyregne, Miss American Fork 2016, is a full-time student at the University of Utah where she is studying Communication and Business. She aspires to graduate with an MBA and someday own her own business.

She is currently working as a Branch Manager for the Vector Marketing Corporation. She loves the opportunity that she has to interview, train, and work individually with her sales representatives every single day. Mimi’s favorite part about her job is developing new leaders in her organization and watching them grow personally and professionally.

Mimi is a partner with the American Heart Association and loves volunteering with the Stroke Association of Utah. Ever since her father had a stroke in October of 2014, Mimi has strived to raise awareness for strokes and teach prevention measures that people can take daily. Her goal is to travel to across the country promoting her platform, Act FAST: Stroke Awareness and Prevention.

Mimi graduated from Pioneer High School for the Performing Arts and performing has always been a huge part of her life. From singing, to acting, to playing guitar or piano, she loves the joy that the arts can bring to anyone. She is so excited to sing and compete for the title of Miss Utah next June!